Dead Until Dark

Book 1 in the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris
aka the Sookie Stackhouse series (basis for HBO True Blood season 1)

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read book one, or have not finished watching season one of True Blood, the table below will give away some secrets. Spoilers include the identity of the serial killer in Bon Temps, and secret identities of some characters. Do NOT use this info as a substitute for reading the book--the books are too good to miss!



Bon Temps, LA: Merlotte's bar & parking lot, Gran & Sookie's house & yard, Bill's house, Four Corners (Rattray's trailer), various apartments, Tall Pines cemetery, hospital
Shreveport, LA: Fangtasia (vampire bar)
Monroe, LA: vampire nest

Characters (in order of appearance):

namespeciespowerrole relationshipsstatus at end of book
Sookie Stackhousehuman*telepathicbarmaid at Merlotte's main characteralive, no longer a virgin
Sam Merlottehuman*shifter, prefers collieowner of Merlotte's bar protective of Sookiealive, outed to Sookie as the collie, Dean
William Thomas Compton
aka "vampire Bill"
vampirelevitation no visible means of supportSookie's first love, Loudermilk on mother's side living dead, Sookie's boyfriend
Mack Rattrayhumanknife, gun white trash vampire drainerhusband of Denise killed by Bill after attacking Sookie
Denise Rattrayhumansilver chains white trash vampire drainerwife of Mack killed by Bill after attacking Sookie
Arlene Fowlerhumannone mentionedwaitress at Merlotte's Sookie's best friend, ex-wife of Renee, mother of 2alive, still Sookie's friend
Renee Lenierhumanmuscularbar patron, on Jason's roadcrew Arlene's ex husband, Cindy's brotheralive, in jail for the murders
Jason Stackhousehumanirresistable to womenhorndog, road crew supervisor Sookie's brotheralive, cleared of murders
Adele Hale Stackhouse
aka "Gran"
humanlove & tolerance member of DGDgrandmother of Sookie and Jasonmurdered (knifed) by Renee
DeeAnnehumannone mentionedbar patronbedmate of Jason alive
unnamed malehumanmuscularbar patron, trucker from Hammond DeeAnne's date of the eveningalive
Dawn Greenhumannone mentionedwaitress at Merlotte's Jason's ex-girlfriend, fangbangermurdered (strangled) by Renee
Maudette Pickenshumanrough trade clerk at Grabbit Kwikfangbanger, sleeps around murdered (strangled) by Renee
Hoyt Fortenberryhumannone mentionedbar patron friend of Jasonalive
Everleehumannone mentionedphone gossip calls Gran about Maudette's murderalive
Mike Spencerhumannone mentioned Bon Temps coroner, Spencer & Sons funeral home directornone mentionedalive
Stellahumannone mentionedphone gossip describes Rattray's trailer "tornado"alive
Bud Dearbornhumannone mentionedSheriff of the Parish hates vampires, hates Sookie and Jason, good friend of Sookie's fatheralive
Cindy Lenierhumannone mentioned cafeteria worker in Baton Rouge Renee's sister, fangbangermurdered (strangled) by Renee
Jessie Comptonhumannone mentionedlast living owner of Bill's house last living Comptondead (before book starts)
Jonas Stackhousehumannone mentioned historicalgreat*4 grandfather of Gran's husband dead (before book starts)
Minashumannone mentionedhistoricalyard slave of Jonas dead (before book starts)
unnamed femalehumannone mentionedhistoricalhouse slave of Jonas dead (before book starts)
TinacatnonepetSookie's cat killed by Renee
Sarah Comptonhumannone mentionedhistorical Bill's unmarried sisterdead (before book starts)
Diannevampireusual vamp Monroe vampire nestold friends of Billmurdered by mob from Merlotte's (fire)
Malcolmvampireusual vamp Monroe vampire nestold friends of Billmurdered by mob from Merlotte's (fire)
Liamvampireusual vamp Monroe vampire nestold friends of Billmurdered by mob from Merlotte's (fire)
Janella Lennoxhumannone mentioned former Merlotte's waitress fangbanger for Malcolmmurdered by Monroe nest
Jerryhumanhas Sino-AIDSnone mentioned Malcolm's boytoy donormurdered by Monroe nest
Lindahumannone mentionednone mentioned Sookie's aunt (father's sister/ Gran's daughter), mother of Hadley dead of cancer (before book starts)
Hadleyhumannone mentionedunknown cousin of Sookie, daughter of Lindaunknown
JB du Ronehumannot too bright, handsomenot specified lives next door to Dawn, flirts with Sookiealive
Kenya Joneshumannone mentioned Bon Temps police officerssecretly in love with partner Kevinalive
Kevin Pryorhumannone mentioned Bon Temps police officerssecretly in love with partner Kenyaalive
Andy Bellefleurhumannone mentionedBon Temps detective brother of Portia, suspicious of Jason and Sookiealive
Portia Bellefleurhumannone mentionedlawyerAndy's spinster sister alive
Terry BellefleurhumanPTSDsub at Merlotte's, Vietnam vet, former POW Andy's second cousinalive
Lafayette Reynoldhumanflamboyancecook at Merlotte's has secret lifealive
Charlsie Tootenhumannone mentionedwaitress at Merlotte's married to Ralphalive
Long Shadowvampireusual vamp bartender at Fangtasia partner with Eric and Pammurdered (staked) by Eric
Eric Northmanvampireflying viking owner of Fangtasia over a thousand years old, lusts after Sookieliving dead
Pamvampireusual vamppartner in Fangtasia long time with Ericliving dead
Sterling Norrishumannone mentionedmayor of Bon Temps unknownalive
Maxine Fortenberryhumanbusybodycivic leader, pres. of DGD mother of Hoytalive
Tolliver Humphrieshumannonecivil war colleague of Bill's great-grandson is DGD membershot in Civil War
Bartlett Halehumannonechild molestor Gran's brother, Sookie's great-unclekilled (broken neck) at Bill's behest
Robert ComptonhumannonehistoricalBill's brother died of a fever
Sidney Matthew Lancaster
aka "Sid Matt"
humannone mentioned Jason's lawyerwife Elva Deanalive
Susiehumannoneno-show waitress at Merlotte'sunknown alive
Harlen Ivesvampireusualtourist from Minneapolis wants to meet Malcolmkilled in Monroe nest fire
Liz Barretthumannone mentionedunknownanother Jason bedmate alive
Ralph Tootenhumannone mentionedunknownCharlsie's husband alive
Brucehumannoneaccountant at Fangtasiaunknown alive
Gingerhumannoneworker at Fangtasiafangbanger, Long Shadow alive
Belindahumannoneworker at FangtasiaGinger's friend alive
Jean-Anne Dearbornhumannoneunknown sheriff's daughter, dated Jason in the pastalive
Desireehumanspecial vintagefangbanger from Monroe gift from Eric to Bill, leaves with Jasonalive
Coby and Lisa Fowlerhumannonekids Arlene's kids, Sookie and Bill babysit themalive
"Bubba"vampiredamagedthe undead Elvis bodyguard Bill asks to watch over Sookieliving dead
Lindsey Krausehumannonewaitress at Merlotte's quit to move to Little Rockalive
Amy Burleyhumannonesubstitute waitress at Good Times Bar on list to hire for Merlotte'smurdered (strangled) by Renee
Deancollie*nonedog hanging around Merlotte's turns out to be Sam Merlottealive
Mrs. Bellefleurhumannone mentionedretired widow Andy and Portia's motheralive
Dr. Sonntaghumannone mentionedSookie's doctor at hospital thinks JB du Rone is cutealive
Elva Deane Lancasterhumannone mentioned name on card with flowerspresumably Sid Matt's wife alive